Ori soldiers

Human Ori

The "Ori" can refer to two things. First, the other half of the original split within the galaxy of Destra that saw the ancestors of the Alterra flee that galaxy. These Ori eventually ascended and rebuilt the galaxy with their own version of Humans.

These Humans and the Priors that remain are also referred to as 'Ori,' even though their former 'gods' are now dead, killed by Merlin's weapon.


After the Ark of Truth was used and the lies of the Ori were laid bare, the Ori followers and Prior began to war against each other once their absolute leadership disappeared. Factions developed and new agendas appeared, with some clinging to the old ways despite the galaxy-wide revelation while others sought to take advantage of the situation and grab power for themselves. Nearly half of the Human population in Destra was killed before the second Orici appeared and put an end to the fighting.

New DirectionEdit

The Orici set the Ori on a new path when he arrived within Destra, reorganizing and repurposing the old corrupt religion in order to show the people the 'true path' as the book of Origin had foretold. Within days all the Priors, along with the Doci, had recommitted to following the orders of the new Orici and preparing for a far off war against evil that would take place sometime in the future.

To that end more ships were ordered, along with planetary infrastructure that would allow for a huge population growth throughout the galaxy. Gone were the days of the peasant village, the new Orici was bent on elevating the people of Destra rather than oppressing them...all in the name of survival against the implacable foe he prophesized would arrise and threaten all.


The Orici brought one of his old allies to Destra and placed the new Asgard homeworld under the protection of the Ori fleets. The Orici knew that the Asgard, should they be given a proper sanctuary, would eventually grow to become a powerful ally in the wars to come. The Doci was commanded to insure that the Asgard came to no harm, with the newly minted Prior Tomin given control of the small fleet that would permanently be stationed over the Asgard homeworld.