The first Orici was a female named Adria, born of Vala Mal Doran in Avalona during the Ori crusade to destroy the Ascended Alterra. Adria was later killed, but managed to ascend and took the place of the recently destroyed Ori in Destra, usurping their power and continuing the quest to conquer Avalona and destroy the 'Ancients.'
180px-Adria ascended

Orici Adria (ascended)

Adria was later killed when the Ark of Truth revealed the truth and took away her powerbase. An ascended Ancient named Morgan Le Fay fought and killed the weakened Adria, putting an end to the Ascended Ori and the Orici.

Ryan StevensonEdit

Though Adria was the first Orici, it was not her that the book of Origin spoke of. A prophecy hidden deep within the pages of the Book of Origin foretold a dark time for the Ori, in which the Orici would appear to lead them back into the light.

When Ryan Stevenson came to Destra, the Priors recognized him as the Orici. The Doci told Stevenson that the Ori had made his face known to all Priors, and cautiously welcomed him into the fold, not wanting a repeat of history, but desperate and dissillusioned enough to hope for a miracle.

Soon after his arrival, Stevenson proved to be that miracle and showed with honest intention and full disclosure both the lies and truth found within the Book of Origin. Their faith restored, but no longer blind, the whole of the Ori population now follow the Orici into the uncertain future with the prophesized war against evil on the distant horizon.