Hologram of Pegasus subnetwork

The Stargate Network is a vast collection of individual stargates spread across 23 galaxies. All the stargates are interconnected, allowing nearly instantaneous transit between distant worlds.

The gates interconnect with each other through a variety of security protocols. All gates are separated into 6 different subnetworks, each with a different 'frequency' that only allows them to connect to a gate with a like 'frequency.' The frequency of each individual gate is noted by the color of the chevron crystals.

  • Red stargates: These stargates form the public network. Anyone can access these stargates and use them, as long as they have a DHD or some other control device.
  • Green stargates: Alterran infrastructure was accessed through green stargates. This is why no Alterran factories have been discovered by gate explorers.
  • Orange stargates: These gates were used for cargo transfers from planet to planet.
  • Blue stargates: These rare stargates are used for experiments or hazardous locations.
  • Yellow stargates: Yellow gates are high-security gates.
  • Purple supergates (ship gates): These supergates were used to setup a sector to sector transit system.

The stargates in the Pegasus galaxy operate on a different 7th frequency, created after the rest of the gate network was established following the fall of the Alterra. They are blue in color because they were part of the Legacy Project, but operate on a different frequency than traditional blue stargates.

The stargate network is controlled through a central hub, or 'gate center' located in a secure space station within the Avalona galaxy. This facility can remote control individual stargates, overriding local commands to shut down, redirect, or activate gates at will.

The configuration of the stargate network is expandable, with nine additional galaxies of subnetworks available for assignment to unused galactic chevrons. Galaxies above and beyond 32 can be assigned regional subgroups by use of the 9th chevron, but to date that function has not been required.